Where To Get Good Cocktails in TO

Ok so I know if you were to google this you could probably find that there are already so many articles published on this topic. But I wanted to write a list that isn’t just about the cocktails, but the environment as well (cause it’s all about good vibes). I also wanted to feature bartenders in the city that are leading this industry in a positive and inclusive direction.


5. Annette Food Market (photo: @annettefoodmarket)


Really cute place with seasonal cocktails created by bar manager Meghan Murray. If your friends aren’t in the mood for cocktails though they do have a great wine list which you can’t find in the LCBO!


4. Parts & Labour (photo: @partsnlabour)


Offers both a range of classic cocktails and original creations. Chantelle Gambino creates very creative concoctions, and if you’re not in the mood for something with booze the bar staff can make some pretty impressive and delicious mocktails!


3. Bar Begonia (photo: @barbegonia)


If you’re looking for something not so much on the west end, I’d definitely recommend Bar Begonia. Veronica Saye has an amazing and diverse cocktail list, which you’ll have no problem finding something you like. They also have a great team of bartenders, including Jess Milli who’s been winning a lot of cocktail competitions recently.


2. Cocktail Bar (photo: @theblackhoof)


I love bars painted in white, and Cocktail Bar has a cute kind of cottage feel to it. Jen Agg has been in the cocktail scene since the beginning and has a phenomenal list of well-made, balanced cocktails. There’s a reason why her establishments have been around for so long.


1. Bar Raval (photo: @bar_raval)


I love that Bar Raval’s list is constantly changing so even if you become a regular, there’s always something new for you to try. They also use local and fresh ingredients, co-owner Robin Goodfellow told me he grows a lot of their ingredients in his mom’s garden. I’d also definitely recommend trying out their other places like Pretty Ugly and El Rey.


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